Terms & Conditions

By registering for the SWELL ENERGY Rewards Program, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions of the Program:

SWELL ENERGY is pleased to offer customers the opportunity to participate in the SWELL ENERGY Rewards Program. The Program offers opportunities to earn money for SWELL ENERGY products. If you have questions about the Program, please contact your SWELL ENERGY account representative or send us a message using the Contact Us form in the top navigation. All personal information is held strictly confidential and will not be shared with any parties outside of those facilitating this program. Your SSN is used for tax reporting purposes only and not used for credit checks.

Rewards are paid via MasterCard® managed by North Lane Technologies, Inc. Once you earn your first reward, your card will be shipped to you. Subsequent rewards will be added to that same card. Please review the cardholder Terms and Agreement which is also provided in the packaging that comes with your initial card. If you have questions regarding the Prepaid Mastercard agreement, please contact North Lane Technologies at 866-326-8689, or send an email to help@northlane.com.

Periodic emails will be sent to participants for the purposes of SWELL ENERGY only. Participants may opt-out of e-mails at any time by contacting program management.

Federal Law requires that the value of all contest and incentive rewards be reported to the proper taxing authorities. The value of rewards made to participants will be reported to the individuals and to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by SWELL ENERGY on the appropriate IRS form. Persons receiving rewards will be responsible for applicable Federal, State, and Local taxes on the rewards and should consult with their tax advisor on questions regarding tax liability.

SWELL ENERGY reserves the right to, at any time and in its sole discretion, (i) terminate or modify any Rewards Program and to add additional Rewards Programs, (ii) determine, and to amend/modify, the terms and conditions of participation in a Program, including, without limitation, requirements for eligibility in the Program (with any such terms and conditions to be as set forth in this Agreement, as posted on the Program website or as otherwise provided by or on behalf of SWELL ENERGY to Program participants), and (iii) terminate or suspend the participant’s participation in any Program.

These Terms and Conditions can change at any time at the discretion of SWELL ENERGY. No exceptions will be made to these rules. Please check this web site for the latest version.